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muscle or joint pain
memory loss
neck pain
back pain

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CRESTOR Reviews 1-10 of 37
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weight loss, liver function test abnormal, Diabetes, muscle pain, loss of appetite, swelling of the face, constipation, fatigue, bruising of skin, nausea

My problems began after taking Crestor for 7 years. In Nov,.2012 my liver enzymes were elevated. I then developed EXTREME CONSTIPATION, Nausea, Lack of appetite, weight loss, Thrombocytopenic purpura (bruises that look purple), facial swelling, pain in my right side and Extreme FATIGUE AND TYPE 2 DIABETES. I had an endoscopy which was normal, an MRI which was normal. No Dr. knew what to to help me. Despite abnormal blood tests, my Dr. continued to keep me on Crestor. On 1/30/2013 I discontinued Crestor. Constipation, nausea and loss of appetite improved. Still have bruising. I still have EXTREME FATIGUE and Type 2 Diabetes (I'm thin and have no family history). I am now depressed because I've spent 4 months in bed and can only go out for 4 hours and then I become excruciatingly tired. Does anyone know if fatigue will ever resolve? .... Read More

Age: 68

10mg 1X D

7 years

back pain, muscle pain, abdominal pain, mood swings

My doctor originally prescribed 5 mg/day for high cholesterol. After about 6 months developed tremendous back pain and crazy mood swings. It did, however, reduce cholesterol from 260 to 175. Doctor reduced dosage to 5 mg 3x/week. No problems for several months until I developed severe upper abdominal and right side pain. Gastroenterologist sent me for a ultrasound of liver, pancreas and gall bladder. Test came back normal. I immediately stopped the crestor....all muscle pains and abdominal pains were gone in one week. I am now trying the supplement Red Yeast Rice to see if that helps with cholesterol. Do not want to take crestor anymore due to abdominal issues. .... Read More

Age: 59

5 MG 1X D
high cholesterol

2 years

After having muscle problems with other statins, I have been on FIVE MILLIGRAMS of Crestor once per day and have had no problems, and a terrific drop in my LDL and Triglycerides. TRY A LOWER DOSAGE!!!! Crestor is super strong. For lots of us, 5 mg per day is plenty. But most doctors start most people on 10 mg. Chop those pills in half! I believe that would help lots of people who take this avoid side effects. .... Read More

Age: 59

5 mg 1X D
High Cholesterol

4 years

liver damage

This drug was on the verge of destroying my liver, pancreas, gallbladder, kidneys. The side effects were too many and frightening to mention. It was an insidious attack on my organs that progressed so slowly and indeterminately that blame was flying everywhere until, at last, I realized I had good days and bad days and those good days were the day(s) after I didn't take Crestor. I went off the drug, am on the mend and hope I will mend completely. We are not sure. .... Read More

Age: 63

5mg 3X Week
Lower cholesterol

3 months

tingling or numbness, muscle pain, forgetfulness, fatigue

Pain to shoulder and forgetfulness tingling to left hand and fatigue.

Age: 44

40mg 1X D
high cholesterol

1 months

decreased sex drive

I ran out for a few days and couldn't believe how my libido came back.

Age: 49

10mg 1X D
Heart disease, moderately high chol

1.5 years

carpal tunnel, neck pain, back pain, joint pain, muscle pain

4.5 years and NO issues. Suddenly and withouit warning I woke up with INCREDIBLE leg pain from hips to my toes. Muscles, joints, ligaments, even my skin hurt. Terrified I had diabetic neuropathy. Called my cardiologist. He said stop the Crestor for a week. I've been off it 4 days. No leg pain, no carpal tunnel pain, no back pain, no neck pain. UNREAL.................... .... Read More

Age: 49

20 1X D
high cholesterol

4.5 years

neck pain, muscle pain

After taking it the second time, I spent the night with severe pain and throbbing in my neck. Hoping the neck pain goes away quickly now that I've stopped. I've had reactions to other statins and my doctor and I knew it was a longshot that this would work for me. I'm sorry I even gave it a try. Only thing I'm happy about is I talked the pharmacist into only selling me a few pills cause I was pretty sure something like this would happen. At least I didn't waste too much money. .... Read More

Age: 50

5 1X D
high cholesterol

2 days

joint pain, muscle pain, bloating, nausea, dizziness

terrible vertigo or dizziness to the point I just have to go to bed, usually with very sick to stomach. joint pain, shoulder pain, upper stomach bloating, right side pain. I have tried to stop Crestor, but everytime I do I have more problems. I stopped it 3 day ago, and now I have shoulder blade pain so bad I can't turn my head. My right foot around the 2nd toe in the joint is so sore I can't hardly stand let along walk. I tried to stop a week ago and the knee pain was terrible, but went away after I went back on Crestor. I stopped again, and today I have the shoulder blade pain and the toe joint pain. Don't know weather to go back on it to stop the pain or not. Really can't figure out why I'm getting the pain when I stop the drug, unless there is damage there that is caused by Crestor. .... Read More

Age: 64

5 mg 1X D
to lower cholesterol

7 months

shortness of breath

Started to have shortness of breath that continued to worsen on exertion and even talking shortly after taking Crestor. I have stopped the med but still have shortness of breath. I have seen pulmonary doctors, cardiologists, allergists, etc., and I have had brain scans, eeg's and a right heart catherization. Doctors find nothing wrong. I'm convinced it is the Crestor that I will never take again. .... Read More

Age: 67

10 mg 1X D
High cholesterol

1 years

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