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muscle or joint pain
abdominal pain

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back pain, muscle aches

Used for 5 years due to severs GERD, worsened by a hernia. After taking several days I begin to notice a dull ache in lower back. This ache over a period of a couple weeks turns into a nagging pain which makes it hard to sleep at night and stays with me throughout the day. Over the last 5 years I have started and stopped the medication and found that the pain resolves in about two days when I cease taking it. The pain returns when I start back. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find anything else that helps the GERD/Heartburn. So I go from one OTC product to the next, but when my symptoms get severe I always return to Prevacid. .... Read More

Age: 46


5 years

back pain, muscle or joint pain, tingling or numbness, chest pain

Took Aciphex for about 5 years with no problems until insurance quit coverage. Doctor put me on Prevacid and I immediately began experiencing the tingling and what I would call hot flashes in my feet. Lower back and knee pain followed. Have been on it two weeks now and feel terrible. I quit taking it a day ago and hope symptoms will subside. I've never had a reaction this bad from any other medication I've taken. I am going to try the natural route for now on. .... Read More

Age: 44

Acid Reflux

2 weeks

back pain, muscle or joint pain, fatigue, diarrhea, depression

After taking prevacid for about three weeks, I started having severe pain in my lower back and hip. I could not even turn over in the bed because of the pain. My othopedic physician could not find anything wrong with me and suggested physical therapy. I was coming home from work sleeping most of the evening. My days off consisted of the same because I had so little energy. Then I started having severe diarrhea for over two weeks. I performed a culture and found that I had very little normal flora left in my intestional tract. Since Prevacid was the only medicine I was taking, I stopped it and my diarrhea stopped the next day. I have been off of it for a week now and feel like a new person. I do not come home from work and hit the sofa and sleep anymore. I no longer have any pain in my back and hip, and have not had any trouble with diarrhea. This medicine helped my GERD but would not take it again because of the side effects that I experienced. I was convinced that something serious was wrong with me. Thank God it was only the Prevacid! .... Read More

Age: 60


4 weeks