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heart palpitations

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NASONEX Reviews 1-10 of 21
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blurred vision, anxiety, taste changes, changes in behavior, depression, agitated, headache, sore throat, trembles/shaking

I had the strangest feeling deep inside my head. I knew this was not a normal sinus infection. Antibiotics weren't working, I was getting worse. Finally read others' reactions to the Nasonex and recognized so many as my own. .... Read More

Age: 57

1 spray 1X D

2 months

herpes outbreak, mood swings, thrush in the mouth, taste changes, changes in behavior, depression, rash, nausea, nervous, restless, difficulty breathing, headache, hoarse voice, sore throat, dizziness

Works for inflammation, but aren't worth the side effects .... Read More

Age: 22

2 sprays 2X D
sinus inflammation

1 years

heart palpitations, insomnia, anxiety, mood swings, tightness in chest, depression, fast heart beat, agitated, restless, difficulty breathing, headache

This was prescribed because I had chronic sinus problems. Unfortunately, after only 4 or 5 days, I was suffering from depression, was extremely agitated, would break into tears at the slightest thing. I suffered with low grade headaches, was unable to sleep at night and had heart palpitations and tightness & pain in the chest. I was unmotivated, yet I couldn't sit still. I'm very sensitive to drugs.....I should been more cautious, but none of these symptoms, apart from headache, were listed in the Manufacturers Side Effects. .... Read More

Age: 57

Chronic Sinus Problems


insomnia, anxiety, mood swings, tightness in chest, changes in behavior, depression, fast heart beat, nervous, restless, difficulty breathing, hoarse voice, coughing

I took this for a 2-3 weeks 2x daily along with other otc drugs (cepacol, afrin, mucinex, albuterol). Talk about overload. I woke up one morning with a severe panic attack and scared the hell out of me. It continued with extreme anxiety, depression and close to mental breakdown. I lost weight, developed insomnia and 24x7 anxiety. Not until I googled Nasonex and side effects, that this drug was probably the main culprit. I was so severe in the depression that I seeked psychological help. It's only been 2-3 days since I've stopped using Nasonex and things have gotten better but I still experience panic attacks and depression. I am drinking alot of fluids to hopefully flush it out of my system. If you are sensitive to drugs be very aware. THis can be a very dangerous drug! .... Read More

Age: 49


21 days

eye inflammation, water retention, increased pressure behind eye, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, fear, insomnia, anxiety, tightness in chest, depression, heart arrhythmia, fast heart beat, agitated, nervous, restless

Thank God, I only used 1/2 of the dose! I did not sleep for a week, my heart was really laboring, my beat was irregular and fast in the middle of the night and my GP said my lungs were wheezing, also short of breath. Oh, did I mention an episode of "Primal Terror" - first and only in my life. I will go back to Afrin when I must..... Let's see...Afrin $6. --- Nasonex $127. ---- oh, and major inflammation in my right eye, water retention. NO THANK YOU. Not one of these symptoms, except for eye problem, were mentioned by printed material included. A few days after I stopped my 1/2 dose......I began to sleep again.......my heart is calmer, but still a bit short of breath. .... Read More

Age: 63


2 weeks

panic attacks, dizziness

OMG, I am so glad I found this site. I thought I was going crazy. I have been taking Nasonex as part of several sinus infections, and I developed a sense of unbalance, but the worst are the panic attacks, and horrible feelings. I stopped it two days ago and am hoping to come back to normal very soon. .... Read More

Age: 49

Sinus andallergies

2 months

heart palpitations, insomnia, anxiety, tightness in chest, chest pain, changes in behavior, depression, heart arrhythmia, fast heart beat, nausea, agitated, nervous, restless, difficulty breathing, headache, hoarse voice, dizziness, trembles/shaking

This medication has been making my life miserable. I am having shortness of break, anxiety and heart palpitations on a daily basis. I always feel like I have to take extra breaths. I am feeling tired every day. I was going insane thinking I was getting anxiety attacks which I have never had before. I had no reason to get anxiety attacks since my life isn't stressful at all. It made me feel emotionless, not happy nor sad. I finally looked up the side effects and thankfully I came across this site. This drug is dangerous, do not take this. And do not take Astepro either does the same thing. .... Read More

Age: 25

Sinus relief

2 months

ear pressure, anxiety, fatigue, panic attacks, psychosis, headache

heachaches, anxiety, panic attacks, thought i had the onset of a mental illness, this is a terrible drug and has frightening side effects. .... Read More

Age: 40

sinus infection

6 months

crying spells, fear, insomnia, anxiety, mood swings, changes in behavior, psychosis, mania, depression, fast heart beat, nausea, nervous, restless, trembles/shaking

I really felt that I shouldn't give Nasonex any stars at all. It has almost driven my 11 year old daughter crazy. After about 4-6 weeks on Nasonex (one spray each nostril q am), she begin having extreme anxiety with inability to refocus. She is having irrational thoughts and constantly states she is scared. She cries a lot and has a difficult time falling asleep. As of TODAY, we have stopped the Nasonex as well as the Claritin she was taking daily. I pray to God that she will soon be back to normal. If anyone else has experienced this, please email me. How long did it take before you were back to normal? It hurts so badly to see my child suffering. She had the same reaction to Singulair about 16 months ago! .... Read More

Age: 11

seasonal allergies

4 weeks

muscle or joint pain, irritable, anxiety, psychosis, nervous

I went into using nasonex perfectly happy and healthy - thinking I was using this preventatively for seasonal allergies. Aside from the terrible symptoms I already listed a dr. diagnosed me 2 weeks later with 'steroid psychosis' after having a weekend-long panic attack that culminated in me almost going to the ER because I thought I was having a heart attack. I was fine for a while but I still am dealing with anxiety - something I never had in my life until after using this drug (3 dr. visits in 2 months since using nasonex). Threw this away and will never EVER use it or allow my kids to use it. This is scary medicine. .... Read More

Age: 38

seasonal allergies

5 days

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