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changes in behavior
mood swings

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loss of appetite, insomnia, anxiety, changes in behavior, nervous, restless, headache, sore throat

Age: 4

2 pumps 2X D
possible asthma

1 years

loss of appetite, insomnia, anxiety, mood swings, hyperactivity, thrush in the mouth, changes in behavior, mania, agitated, restless, coughing

My son experiences hyperactivity, insomnia, mood swings, loss of appetite (he's normally a great eater), weight loss and thrush in his mouth. He's only 18 months.

Age: 2

Asthma Attack

21 days

OCD behavior, anxiety, mood swings, changes in behavior, psychosis, mania, muscle cramps or muscle spasm, fast heart beat, nausea, agitated, nervous, restless, headache, dizziness

I can't believe that medications are given to children with the side effects that are caused. Why do dr's ignore that this medication causes these symptoms in children. It may help some, but there needs to be more awareness for those that have such adverse reactions. Any medication that changes a 'normal' child's personality into someone completely different needs to be investigated. .... Read More

Age: 6

Cough Variant Asthma/Reactive Airway Disease


Osteoporosis, anger, anxiety, mood swings, aggressive, thrush in the mouth, chest pain, changes in behavior, depression, muscle cramps or muscle spasm, fast heart beat, agitated, restless, headache, hoarse voice, sore throat

Periodically, my doctor has prescribed flovent along side other inhalers to control my asthma when I have gotten sick and developed pneumonia. This used to be quite often as I was recovering from a severe thyroid issue that comprimised my immune system. As I have difficulty with many anti-biotics, steriods became the alternative. I did not recognize the difficulties at first as related to the medication and actively sought out counselling for what I thought were life issues and mental defect. I started to recognize that the symptoms of aggression and mood swings happened when I was using steriods. Over repeated times I noticed that there was chest pain and racing pulse ... to eventually feeling as if my bones ached and being miserable (depressed or anger) all the time. I no longer need to take steriods as oftern and will only take them as a last resort as I have recently learn that it has affected my bones .... Read More

Age: 55


10 times

weight loss, memory loss, anger, confusion, insomnia, hyperactivity, aggressive, changes in behavior, agitated

My five year old experienced a complete behavioral change. He exhibited trouble sleeping, getting along with other children, anger, aggression, agitation, inability to remember things, confusion, and hyperactivity. We had notes home from his teacher indicting an inability to integrate into the classroom. I also noticed that he was losing weight. The behavioral changes were a severe change from his pre-Flovent behavior. After taking him off Flovent for a day and half, I am beginning to see my loving son again. Be very cautious about using this Flovent inhaler. It adversely affects the adrenals which are crucial to handling the body's stresses. .... Read More

Age: 5


45 days

anger, mood swings, hyperactivity, changes in behavior, agitated

my four year old immediately had behavioral changes, unable to control emotions, unable to sit still, running in place yelling "i'm so mad" and tantrums that we have never seen before, similar to when he took singular. it seems to help w/ his caough, but not with his behavior dr says it's not being caused by this medicine. at my wits end. I want my little boy back. .... Read More

Age: 29


30 days

flu-like symptoms, insomnia, irritable, changes in behavior, headache

immediate headache, irritability, insomnia, light fever, dreams We started my 5 year old daughter on flowvent last night. Five to ten minutes after her first dose (2 puffs) she reported having a headache in the front/forehead portion of her head. As far as I know, she's never had a headache. She then started to get a low-grade fever of about 99.8. She became very irritable and could not sleep during the night. Her behaviour was very strange. She couldn't stay still, kept moving her lips and face. My wife stayed up with her for the night and she (my daughter) eventually did sleep, but was talking in her sleep a lot. In the morning my daughter was fine, symptoms gone. No more Flowvent for us. .... Read More

Age: 5

1 days

mood swings, aggressive, hallucinations

My daughter was on Flovent when she was 8 She was on it for 2 years. She was aggressive and very emotional. Later she started having hallucinations. She would say her hands felt bigger than what they were. She could hear voices but they were not saying anything just a lot of noise. Took her to neruologist who couldn't find any problems and recommended a psychiatrist. The neurologist suggested "off the record" that this could be a result of Flovent. She had a friend that experienced similar problem with her daughter. I took her off and within 6 months problems was resolved. All doctors say this was not the case but I still believe that Flovent caused the problems. .... Read More

anger, aggressive, hallucinations, changes in behavior

Our pediatrician prescribed this for our daughter for asthma (Flovent) when she was 2 1/2 yrs old. (She had been on several other asthma meds before.) After only a couple doses of this medicine, she experienced a severe sudden onset of aggression, throwing herself around in a fit of anger, hallucinations, and saying weird things about bugs. I went in her room in the middle of the night and she was hysterical, talking about her toes being square and all sorts of other strange things. I immediately took her off of it. It was terrifying. Doctor and pharmacist were adamant that they had never heard of these types of side effects. But the symptoms went away immediately within the day or two after we stopped the med. It is over a year later and she's never experienced anything like that again. I have no doubt in my mind that it was as a result of flovent. I would not recommend this to anyone for use with a small child. .... Read More

anger, aggressive, changes in behavior, agitated

I am so glad to have found this website. My daughter has been on Flovent and Pulmicort since 2005 and when she is on it, people beware. She kicks and screams at the top of her lungs at us. She even growls. I am very upset that no one told us about these side effects. I am almost at the point of a lawsuit. Why make our kids suffer this way? They don't understand why they act that way and for a long time, neither did I. Please let me know if anyone else has filed a claim. .... Read More

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