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joint pain, muscle pain, chills, upset stomach, flatulence, abdominal pain, weakness, fatigue, diarrhea, heart arrhythmia, nausea, headache, dizziness

I don't think I should be taking this, at least 3 times like I did in 9 days. Took the last one 5 days ago. Still sick

Age: 77

Yeast Infection


fatigue, headache, dizziness

only one tablet taken of 150mg . Dizziness and vertigo after first day and still continuing a week later

Age: 46


1 days

diarrhea, dizziness

Generic brand caused severe dizziness especially when first lying down or opening my eyes. Also going from sitting to standing, and I had never had vertigo before. I took one dose one day and another dose 7 days later. Diarrhea was mild, but the dizziness has interfered with normal activities. I still have yeast symptoms. .... Read More

Age: 45

For yeast infection



I took one 150 mg tablet of the generic form, Fluconazole, on a Thursday evening and woke in the early morning on Sunday with severe dizziness. I've never had any known allergies to medications, and due to the delayed response, was quite surprised with the seriousness of this side effect. I was barely able to walk down the hallway, and admitted myself to the local urgent care where they took blood and urine tests, and gave me an IV. The dizziness was slightly better by the evening, but still 2 days since the onset of symptoms, I still have dizziness when changing from sitting, laying, and standing positions. I'm hoping this will eventually dissipate. .... Read More

Age: 37

yeast infection

1 days

upset stomach, disoriented, loss of appetite, diarrhea, nausea, headache, dizziness

Will never be using this again! For anyone who may have side effects try using a more topical treatment. I have had non stop diarrhea for 3 days, nausia & stomach pain, i feel constantly dizzy & disoriented. I have now had a severe migrane for 2 days straight & had to take time off work! It has worked in clearing the infection - but the side effects are much worse than the infection ever was! Now thanks to the constant diarrhea i am dehydrated and because of the nausia have no appetite. Trying to keep fluids up, but feel terrible & am wondering how many more days this will last... .... Read More

yeast infection

muscle pain, chills, fever, anger, sore throat, dizziness

1 Pill a day for 5 says. I had oral thrush from antibiotics taken for the flu then pneumonia. Augmentin was bad enough but this stuff gave me a fever, chills, body ache, anger, sore throat, and my mouth hasn't cleared up yet. It would take about two hours after taking the pills to start getting the effects and then it would get worse as the day went on. 8-10 hours after taken the pill is when it would be in full affect. Tonight is the last night and I am in a full out shit storm of side effects. I had a little dizzy spell the first day but that went away but I had it when I was sitting, standing or laying down. I will NEVER take this drug again and will tell everyone I know about it. I drink tons of water so I didn't get the head aches. JUST SAY NO! .... Read More


After about 3 or 4 weeks of taking Fluconazole, I began experiencing days and weeks of a peculiar uneasiness. Eventually deducing the symptoms to those of "vertigo", I did my research and came across this page. .... Read More

yeast infection

increased libido, insomnia, weakness, fatigue, headache, dizziness

I was on a small dose (50 mg) every other day, for about 2months, for an intestinal yeast infection (candidiasis). After each pill, I would experience some dizziness for about an hour so, then it would go away. However, after taking this for 2 months, I woke up with dizziness/vertigo and it did not go away! Doctor informed me this is a side effect, and that it should go away with about 6 weeks. wrong! It took about a year and a half, to get mostly over it, and about 3 years to recover, although I can still experience some problems. What a nightmare! I contacted Pfizer, who insisted they have never heard of this before. Pfizer is obviously lying. Also with the dizziness and vertigo I had extreme fatigue. Some days all I could do is go the store for 20 minutes. I also had a hard time watching tv, if there was alot of movement, it would trigger the vertigo. BE VERY CAREFUL before taking this very dangerous drug! If you experience vertigo, STOP taking it, and inform your doctor. .... Read More

Age: 44

50mg 3X W
intestinal yeast infection

3 months

upset stomach, diarrhea, nausea, dizziness

I have been battling thrush for about 10 weeks. 6 weeks ago, my daughters pediatrician prescribed me with a two pack of Diflucan. I was to take 1 and then 7 days take the other. Around the time I took the second pill, began having horrible nausiousness and stomach pain. This turned into Dhiarhea that lasted for 5 days. During this time I was also having dizzy spells. At one point, I was sitting at my computer, developed tunnel vision and fell face forward into my computer. I rushed to my family physician where she told me it was probably dehydration from the Dhiarhea and that I may have caught rotovirus. No one else in my home exibited any symptoms of Dhiarhea. However my 16 month old daughter has been having balance issues. Did it pass into my breastmilk? My physician prescribed more diflucan at 400mg day 1 and 200 mg every day for 4 more weeks. Im worse now than ever. .... Read More

yeast infection

upset stomach, fatigue, fast heart beat, nausea, dizziness

Side effects of nausea, fatigue, stomach pain and heart racing were at first sporadic but have now become persistent even though I am off the medicine for 2 days. I've also been having vertigo. .... Read More

yeast infection

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