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changes in behavior
mood swings

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PULMICORT Reviews 1-10 of 19
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anger, aggressive, changes in behavior

My four-year old has been on this for almost a year. His behavior has steadily deteriorated - angry, aggressive, disobedient. We recently began to believe that it is being caused by Pulmicort and have taken him off. His behavior has improved. My only question is whether anyone has found another effective method for dealing with asthma? For now, I'm relying on his Ventolin inhaler and a double dose of Claritin, which seems to be working, but I hate giving him both (although will take them any day over Pulmicort). .... Read More

Age: 4


1 years

muscle weakness, delusions, frequent urination, insomnia, constipation, anxiety, fatigue, diarrhea, changes in behavior, depression, rash, muscle cramps or muscle spasm, nervous, headache, hoarse voice, dizziness, trembles/shaking

I am reporting this on behalf of my husband. On this medication he became so weak that he was falling out of bed every morning and lay there trembling, unable to get up. He had delusions, confusing dreams with reality, and he couldn't be talked out of his delusions. He developed urinary incontinence. His doctors tried to tell him he was "just getting old" and that he "needed to see a neurologist"! Thumbs down for this medication. If I could rate it minus 5 I would. .... Read More

Age: 82

0.5 mg 2X D

40 days

insomnia, irritable, anxiety, mood swings, aggressive, stunted growth, changes in behavior, agitated

My 4-year-old has been taking Pulmicort for 2 years and we've only just made the connection to his difficult (defiant, aggressive, impulsive) behavior. It felt like he was always either stalling or squalling. At worst he would have raging tantrums multiple times a day. We stopped treatment about a month ago and the change was night and day. He also started sleeping through the night more often. When Singulair didn't work, we resumed Pulmicort and within a few days he started showing some of the old defiant tendencies. We are taking him back off and researching alternatives. .... Read More

Age: 4

0.25 mg 1X D

2 years

rage, anger, irritable, anxiety, mood swings, changes in behavior, psychosis, depression, agitated, nervous, restless, dizziness

Sure it prevented Asthma, real good, but at the expense of my temperament. Pulmicort caused me to have extreme mood swings, unpredictable, out of control rage. Then to another extreme regret, remorse, confusion as to how I could behave like that, similar to Bi Polar, but then explain how all the anger left when I quit the Pulmicort.! The anger stopped when I quit taking the drug! After two months off, I tried Pulmicort one day, and that day was filled with anger and irritability just out of no where. . Like being controlled by the f'n devil ! I have not taken it since then. Although i have to use my alberterol more, at least I don't have to worry about flying off the handle unannounced! .... Read More

Age: 46

Diagnosed asthma from birth

10 years

mood swings, changes in behavior, agitated

When I read through these comments, my heart hurts. I don\'t understand why doctors don\'t read what parents have to say about this medicine. \

Age: 3


2 weeks

insomnia, nightmares, mood swings, aggressive, changes in behavior, agitated

Our 23 month old was put on this to aid his albuterol. I never knew what was to happen over the next few days. Within 2 days of taking this medication, his whole personality changed. He was aggressive, moody, biting, hitting and withdrawn. The worse thing, was the horrible nightmares. It was extremely hard to console him because we didn't understand what was going on. Screaming through the house, balling-up in corner, yelling "help", but wouldn't not let me touch him. I can't believe there aren't more studies and this behavior. I hope he doesn't remember any of his. Needless to say, he will NEVER take this drug again. .... Read More

Age: 42

asthma and allergies

2 weeks

hostility, anger, mood swings, fatigue, changes in behavior, depression

WHY ARE DOCTORS NOT AWARE OR IN TUNE TO THE SIDE EFFECTS SO MANY OF US ARE REPORTING??? The doctors look at me like I'm crazy when I explain what this medication does to my six year old. Is there an alternative that doesn't have behavioral side effects? .... Read More

Age: 6


5 days

mood swings, stunted growth, changes in behavior

I can't believe that I haven't found this until now. I was searching for growth information on my five year old, who weighs 32lbs and is 40.5in tall. I was worried that the steriods may have caused his slow growth. I had no idea that the behavior that tears apart my heart daily was related as well! He was just eight months old when he was put on pulmicort for asthma--before that he was the happiest (albiet sickly) baby that I have ever seen. Now he is agressive, has constant mood swings, and almost unmanageable at times. With some hard work and consistent behavior techniques, he's improved a little, but I am definitely going to fight to be able to take him off of the pulmicort, like I've wanted to for a while. The doctor always says it's beginning to be cold season, but he's healthier than all of us--excepting his weight and behavior. I can't wait to have my sweet boy back again. .... Read More


anger, hyperactivity, aggressive, changes in behavior, headache

My daughter was given a Pulmicort inhaler at the allergists office. The medicine completely and totally altered her behavior. My daughter, whom is usually sweet and mild mannered became mean, wild, aggressive and totally out of control. She had trouble sitting still and was very talkative in school the other day and she is a child who has never been a discipline problem or had a behavior warning from any of her teachers. She also complained of headache. I believe this medicine is toxic and dangerous and do not recommend anyone to take it. Luckily, I discovered this only after a few days. I hate to think what would have happened if she kept taking the medicine. .... Read More


aggressive, changes in behavior

My 3 year old son has had asthma since he was 18 months old. He was on Pulmicort as a preventative for the winter months & just recently started a Flovent inhaler. Well, he is a different kid on Flovent. It is scarey. He is aggressive, doesn't listen, can't control himself. Allergist prescribed 4 puffs daily for 15 days & then 2 puff daily. Well, my pediatrician said to try him on 1 puff daily unless he gets bad. He seems a little better laready, but please...there has to be a better way. If anyone has any other suggestions, please advise! Help I think the FDA needs to address this as a serious issue with children. .... Read More

Age: 3


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