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mood swings
crying spells

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SINGULAIR Reviews 1-6 of 6
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broken sleep, suicidality, disconnected, muscle or joint pain, apathy, dream abnormalities, inability to concentrate, depression

Though my breathing difficulties and chest tightness did improve with this medication, the side effects started right away and worsened quickly each day. I was willing to keep taking it to see if side effects might subside, but on day 4 the muscle and joint pain during and after exercising was excruciating. I apparently just cannot tolerate this drug. .... Read More

Age: 52

allergy & exercise induced asthma

4 days

hostility, anger, insomnia, high blood pressure

Extreme Anger all the time. Was never able to stop feeling mad., became abusive towards my wife, which is totally opposite for me. felt like I had hate in my heart and also became very selfish. Blood pressure ALWAYS higher than before. Insomnia that even sleeping pills couldn't cure. .... Read More

Age: 52

COPD and Asthma

9 months

abnormal dreams, social withdrawal, lack of emotional feelings, spaced out, crying spells, bed wetting, anger, mood swings, depression

Bed Wetting Night Sweats Bad Dreams Depression Anger Wants to be alone Not Social Cries that I will leave him for good Lashes out for no reason Somedays no emotion Spacey Lost *** this all started in the last 7 months Bad Moody swings my son is not himself I don't know if its this med or Zyrtec but I'm removing him from this med. I've questioned it 3 yrs ago when a friend told me her daughter was being suicidal .... Read More

Age: 5

Severe Asthma

3 years


Claritin and Veramyst used to control my allergies. But this year pollen was so bad I developed bronchitis. So the doctor gave me an inhaler and singulair. After the second sleepless night I started reading this site. I have no desire to find out if I will develop other side effects and I am discontinuing. .... Read More

Age: 43

severe allergies

2 days

social withdrawal, fainting, anger, depression, agitated

My son began taking Singulair when he was 7. We were warned about behavioral issues (ADD like symptoms, insomnia, irritability, etc.) and didn't really notice any change. We recently noticed that my son was hiding it and not taking it (chalk it up to being 12?). Oddly, this surly, angry, frustrated tween I've been dealing with for 2 years went away and my son is back to his silly, funny, not perfect but fun self. He's not as obsessive and introverted (e.g., hooked on video games) and is back out playing basketball with his brother, volunteering to help with his dad, etc. We thought, for a moment, he grew out of being a surly pre-teen. But no...the day we realized he stopped taking it (mid spring-flowering trees, of course), we asked, and he insisted it was an accident and took it in front of us. He fainted at school. Come to find out that fainting is a rare but side effect of singulair. Meanwhile, I add that together with this "normal" kid who is back in our lives and I realize that something happens pre-puberty where kids just don't process it the same. If your kid is on Singulair and you're noticing the "teen angst" -- consider it might be his meds. .... Read More

Age: 12

5 years

stomach ache, decreased sex drive, insomnia, sweating, lightheadedness, constipation, weakness, fatigue, diarrhea, muscle cramps or muscle spasm, nausea, headache

It works pretty well for reducing the effects of allergies, but the side effects got in the way of work which isn't acceptable.

Age: 28

Allergies/Post nasal drip

3 weeks